Digressing from my usual posts of epigrams and collages, which I hope are not becoming tiresome, here are the front & back covers of the 1961 first issue of The Outsider Magazine, from New Orleans. Bukowski was in all three Outsiders, along with just about any beat writer you may have heard of. This issue had Corso, Ginsberg, Dorn, Ferlinghetti, Creeley, McClure, Henry Miller, Burroughs, Di Prima, Leroi Jones, Paul Carroll, Kay Boyle, Langston Hughes, Gary Snyder, Tuli Kupferberg - their taste was impressive. The amazing thing about The Outsider is that it was hand typeset and printed on a hand pull press! About 300,000 hand pulls for the first issue, in which they beg their readers to contribute for a power press. Jon & Louise Webb were in their 50’s and it took them all year to complete the run of the first issue. By the time they got out the third one in 1963 they were so broke they were living on discarded vegetables from the produce market and didn’t have postage stamps to mail the 2,100 copies. They also had an early Bukowski book & sold it for $2.00, signed. Bukowski’s puss, already looking fairly ravaged at 42, was on the cover of the last issue. I can still remember finding these on the counter of a bookstore in Chicago almost 50 years ago and just being riveted by them - a labor of love almost beyond imagining. - Michael Lipsey